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In appreciation

Back in the warmer days of 2023, Scarlett Metals gifted us an amazing piece of metal artwork. Jason thought it was just the bees knees and wanted to show how much it meant to him, so he screened this super-limited edition shirt based on the original sculpture. Now, he just needs to get it to Wayne!

The online shop still has a few of the limited, big-print logo shirts in stock, as well as our regular logo design. More shirt designs are on the horizon. Stay tuned!

Limited BIG RPF logo tee
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Limited t-shirt screen print design

After having done the nobori-style farm flag earlier this summer, Jason still had the screen on hand and had not cleaned it yet. On his way to finally wash it out, he had a thought that maybe it would work as a limited t-shirt design.

So, here in our shop, are four XL and three 2XL BIG-print Rocket Punch Farm t-shirts, white ink on dark heather grey, now available. These are all there will be as he’s washed out the screen. Ready to ship out to you or for local pickup.



We know, this doesn’t look like anything yet, just cell trays of potting mix. What you don’t see will become over 1500 square feet of beautiful vegetables: green onions, sweet salad turnips, tart jamaica, tender long eggplant, three kinds of chile, and 13 kinds of tomatoes ranging from candy-like cherries to beefsteaks that can grow fruit weighing up to 2 pounds.

The season is just getting started. Lots more to come.