Thank you for your interest in helping our small farm through offering donations. We happily accept the following:

Wood chip mulch

We use wood chip mulch throughout our farm to promote soil health. Most of our wood chips come from local arborists and can be composed of any kind of tree(s). If you get tree work done on your property or do it yourself and grind the material into wood chips, we’ll gladly accept the mulch. If the mulch contains leaves as well as woody material, that’s fine…fresh or already starting to decompose, also fine.

Bagged autumn leaves

If you rake and bag your leaves, give them to us instead of taking them to the dump. We will return them to the soil as well as share them with other gardeners. When we started collecting bagged autumn leaves in 2021, thoughtful neighbors like you helped us to keep over 300 bags of leaves out of the landfill.

Canning jars

We use half pint and pint canning jars with regular mouths for our pickles and jams. Ball and Kerr brands only. We’ll gladly give you $1 off your purchase for each clean pint jar in usable condition, $0.50 for each half pint jar.

Nursery pots

Save your plastic pots from the garden center and give them to us. We can use smaller pots for growing seedlings, 2-inches to 6-inches in diameter please.

Garden hand tools

If you have unwanted hand tools like shovels, rakes, pitchforks, trowels, or gardening gloves, we’ll get them to other gardeners in the area who need them. No electric or gas-powered tools. Burn calories, not fossil fuels.


Got more fruit than you know what to do with? We have a solar dehydrator that works great to preserve apple slices.

Have other items you think we could use? Please contact us to discuss.

We do not accept manure. There are herbicides commonly used in animal feed that do not break down in the animals’ digestion. These herbicides damage numerous vegetable crops and can persist in the soil for several years.