Saturday Mornings on Becker Ave.


Why not have a big salad for dinner with homemade Green Goddess dressing? We’ve got all the fresh lettuce and herbs you need.


We’ve begun to harvest our spring-planted lettuces, which hold up to higher temperatures. Previously, we were harvesting our fall-planted lettuces, the season for which is coming to an end. No worries, spring lettuces to the rescue.

We still have onion chives, garlic chives, thyme, lovage, tarragon, sage, and salad burnet. New this week: oregano, parsley, and cilantro. All herbs are picked fresh to order.

And here’s a teaser for Saturday Mornings on Becker Avenue: we picked up some red chile and raw honey from Ravenshire LLC. Our Saturday Mornings-exclusive sourdough bread will have some sweet heat.

Direct from farm sales are Tue-Thu, 9am-5pm. You’ll find us at 14 Gonzales Rd, Belen, just off River/Reinken. Please park in our driveway and come to our front door for service. If we don’t answer immediately, call 505-302-5657, as we’re probably working out back or assisting other customers.