Solar Power

Apple Chips

This week: dehydrated Granny Smith apples, locally grown. Apple chips are a tasty snack. We’re glad we could use our solar dehydrator last week…this week’s forecast is cloudy and rainy all week.

We have a good harvest of cantaloupes. This variety is special and they sell out quickly whenever we have them.

Tomatoes! We’re keeping our cherry tomatoes on sale, $1 off. We also have red Roma-type tomatoes, pink burger slicers, and heirloom tomatoes.

Lemon cucumbers, Persian cucumbers, and bread and butter pickles from Persian cucumbers.

We also have bean pickles in two flavors: garden beans with achari masala and also yardlong beans with dill and chile. We also have fresh beans.

Pattypan squash! We love them prepared as calabacitas, in soups and stews, and even sliced thinly to replace lasagna noodles.

Please call ahead if you are interested in our salad mix, as it takes a little preparation. We harvest young leaves from many greens and herbs that we grow and mix it all up together. Because there are some bold flavors in the mix, we recommend enjoying it with a more assertive viniagrette.

Of course you may enjoy leafy greens and herbs on their own: Swiss chard, sweet potato greens, sorrel, New Zealand spinach, Malabar spinach, parsley, sage, thyme, oregano, chives, lovage, salad burnet…

We’ve reorganized out store front and put the t-shirts and wooden kitchen goods back on display. And we’re hard at work on our online store to begin taking sourdough bread orders in a few more weeks. Stay tuned.

Our business hours are Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 14 Gonzales Rd, Belen. 505-302-5657. Please park in our driveway and ring our front doorbell for service.