New Harvest


The tomatoes are starting to come in. Not all varieties we planted for this season are ready yet. So far, we have…

Red tomatoes, great for cooking and canning. $3 per pound.

Pink beefsteak tomatoes, to slice for your burgers. $3 per pound.

Heirloom Paul Robeson tomatoes bring the big, bold flavor, perfect for a BLT. $4 per pound.

Mixed cherry tomatoes for sweet and tangy snacks, $5 per pound.

New item: eggplant. These are a happy medium between big Italian-style eggplants and slender Asian-style eggplants, so they are wonderful for all manner of cooking. Our favorite is to grill or roast until tender and mash with olive oil and spices for baba ghanouj. $2 per pound.

Pattypan squash make tasty calabacitas and can be used the same as other summer squash. $2 per pound.

Persian cucumbers are $3 per pound. Our bread and butter pickles made with these cucumbers are $10 per pint.

We have yardlong beans (Chinese noodle beans) and garden beans, $2 per 8 ounces. We plan to make more bean pickles later this week.

Speaking of pickles, we have celtuce pickles in wheat-free soy sauce, a crunchy treat with an savory umami flavor. We also have a few jars of blackcurrant jam left; it will sell out soon.

We always have greens: sweet potato greens, New Zealand spinach, amaranth, sorrel, and Swiss chard.

And let’s not forget the herbs: basil, parsley, thyme, oregano, and more.

Since the tomatoes are here, we are taking a break from baking sourdough bread until the end of the growing season. And we are adding Friday to our open hours. Please come see us Tuesday-Friday, 9am-5pm. 14 Gonzales Rd, Belen. 505-302-5657. Please park in our driveway and buzz the doorbell for service (it buzzed our phones). We’ll see you soon.