Saturday Mornings on Becker Ave.

July 23, Saturday

Today at Saturday Mornings on Becker Avenue:

The famous (infamous?) green chile and cheese sourdough. Sales begin at 8am and folks start lining up at 7:30am. $15, cash only.

‘Conrad’ hardneck garlic, named for the family who owned the farmland where it was discovered by our friend in KY. It seems to be well-adapted to NM since it grew fist-sized heads of garlic.

Sweet potato greens, which can be used the same as spinach in any recipe. Delicious stir-fried, we’re going to use it to make stracciatella (Italian egg drop soup) for supper later.

Mammoth basil leaves, parsley, and chives (not pictured). Save $1 when you buy our DIY pesto pack of all three herbs.

Much to our surprise, we got a few more purple snap peas off our plants during this week’s heatwave. We like being pleasantly surprised.

We also have garden beans and garden bean pickles with achari masala, a mix of cumin and other spices that’s savory, sour, and with a mild heat. And speaking of pickles, we also have celtuce preserved in wheat-free soy sauce as well as rattail radish pickles.

As always, we have our hand-screened logo t-shirts and our exotic wooden kitchen items.

Our booth is no longer in front of Silver-Bar Studios (go check them out, they open at 10am), but on the main lot at 201 Becker Ave.