Saturday Mornings on Becker Ave.

In the works

The red chile and honey sourdough (available tomorrow at Saturday Mornings on Becker Avenue) gets a dusting of red chile powder mixed with flour before baking.

Also in the works: bread and butter pickles from our Persian cucumbers.

Sliced Persian cucumbers

Solar power

Are your fruit trees producing more fruit than you know what to do with? We have a solar dehydrator.
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Pictured here: Fuji apples.

New Harvest


Late addition: this is New Zealand spinach. It has mild-flavored succulent leaves like purslane/verdolagas.

New Harvest Saturday Mornings on Becker Ave.


Coming up at Saturday Mornings on Becker Avenue:

Persian cucumbers. No, not Armenian cucumbers (we love those too). These are spineless, burpless, never bitter, and great for fresh eating or pickling.

Also baby beets, yum!

Blackcurrant jam. It’s sweet, a little sour, with luscious summer berry flavor.

Lots of greens. Sweet potato, amaranth, and lemony sorrel pictured here. We also have lamb’s quarters (quelites), and Swiss chard.

For pickles we have rattail radishes and celtuce in wheat-free soy sauce.

The sourdough selection is green chile and cheese.

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We also have pizza peels, bread boards, and cheese boards made from natural exotic woods.

Find us at 201 Becker Ave, 8am-1pm. Folks line up for sourdough at 7:30am; it sells out fast.

New Harvest


New item: beets with their greens.

And speaking of greens, our greens are still our rock stars. We have sweet potato greens, amaranth, lamb’s quarters (quelites), lemony sorrel, basil, onion chives, garlic chives, and other herbs.

For pickles, we have celtuce in wheat-free soy sauce and rattail radish pickles.

Tomato Watch continues. If you like them green, we might have a couple that you could fry up. Our beans are still recovering from the July heat wave.

The sourdough bread available exclusively at Saturday Mornings on Becker Avenue will be green chile and cheese.

Regular business hours for direct-from-farm sales are Tuesday-Thursday, 9am-5pm or by appointment. 14 Gonzales Rd, Belen. 505-302-5657.